Slipping Concepts into Your Daily Routine: Suggestions and examples for teaching concepts as part of you and your child’s daily routines

 Play Time

  • Nouns: ball, top, book, blocks, names of toys, bubbles, car
  • Verbs: kick, roll, push, pull, throw, drop, catch, stack, slide, swing, jump, run, stop, go
  • Prepositions: under, in, on, through, up, down, over
  • Colors and shapes
  • Other terms: all done, fall down, uh-oh, I see


Bath Time

  • Nouns: water, body parts, boat, soap, bubbles, shampoo, duck, towel
  • Verbs: splash, pour, turn on, turn off, squirt, blow, pop, rub, wash, point
  • Adjectives: wet, dry, cold, hot, big, little

Meal Time

  • Food items: names of foods, types of drinks, snack foods, vegetables, dairy products, fruits
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack
  • Verbs: eat, drink, cut, chew, wipe, open, close
  • Utensils: plate, cup, spoon, bowl, fork
  • Adjectives: more, cold, hot, full, empty, all gone
  • Expressive terms: mmmm, yummy, more

Dressing time

  • Body parts: eyes, arms, legs, head, neck, fingers, feet, toes, knees, shoulders
  • Clothing items: sock, shirt, pants, dress, shorts, shoes
  • Colors
  • Verbs: zip, pull, sit, stand, snap, button
  • Prepositions: in, on, off, open, close
  • Relational terms: back, front, first, next, last

Belen Macias, MS, CCC-SLP


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