CSLOT Therapists Annual Inservice Day on 11/11/11

The date of 11/11/11 was not only special because of the number pattern; it was also the date of CSLOT’s annual inservice day.  Every year on Veteran’s Day, CSLOT’s speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, and early childhood education teachers hold continuing education lectures provided by their own staff members as well as external professionals.

This year’s topics included the following:

Kimochis®: An Innovative way to Incorporate Social-Emotional Learning into Speech-Language Intervention

By Diann Gramm, MA,CCC-SLP, Ed.S. and Ellen Pritchard Dodge, M.Ed, CCC-SLP

Therapists learned about these loveable plush dolls and corresponding feeling pillows, which assist in teaching children of all ages with social-emotional delays about understanding and expressing their feelings appropriately towards others. 

Using Sensory Input and Sensory Diets in Everyday Practice

By Vibha Pathak, OTR/L, OTD and Holly Restani, B.A. OTS

Therapists were shown how to select appropriate sensory diets (whether calming, alerting, or organizing) for their clients based on their sensory states.

Adapted Books

By Larissa Ksar, OTR/L and Alana Garcia-Chavez, MA, CCC-SLP

Therapists learned about the benefit of adapting books from the child’s perspective and how it can aid the therapists in assessing the child’s early developmental milestones.  All therapists then created four new adapted books (i.e. books that have removable laminated icons of pictures on each page) for each clinic in order to improve a child’s skills such as interactivity, fine motor, joint attention, to name a few.

Identifying Mental Health Issues in Infancy and Early Childhood

By Anne-Olivia Shelton, Psy.D

Therapists were informed about the possible existence of mental health issues in young children and their parents, who are being treated for speech/language or sensori-motor concerns.  Various assessment and screenings forms were shared. 

Using SALT 2010 in the Clinical Setting

By Brendan O’Connor Webster, MA, CCC-SLP, Lauren Gabrys, MA, CCC-SLP, Sarah Peters, MA, CF-SLP

Therapists learned how to collect and analyze language samples more practically and methodically using the SALT computer software. 


It was so inspirational to share a room with interdisciplinary therapists, who successfully trained each other on practical skills and topics that were immediately put into practice with our clients the next work day.  This is how everybody wins!


Shirit Megiddo, M.S., CCC-SLP


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