Speech, Language and Literacy

Did you know that language and early literacy development are intertwined?

Language development begins from the day children are born.  Overtime, children’s understanding and use of speech and language becomes more complex. They learn to use gestural and verbal communication as well as communicate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings, with others (ASHA, 2006).

Early literacy is considered the development of critical skills from birth to 5 years of age that contribute to formal reading and writing skills during the school years.  These foundational skills include book handling skills, vocabulary comprehension, oral language development, story-telling, print awareness, alphabetic awareness, phonological awareness and early writing.

Parents can enhance early literacy development in daily activities.  Recommended practices include shared book readings, using daily routines (eating, bath time, getting dressed) to develop core vocabulary, selecting books with repetitive lines and/or a predictable outcomes to support story comprehension and memory, providing a literacy rich environment with easy access to books, singing ABC and rhyming songs and reading alphabet books to introduce phonological awareness and encouraging drawing and scribbling activities for written language.



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